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Your group organizer is Jann Mumford. Jann's backround includes very extensive traveling. Jann is a graduate of Ashland University, a former member of the board of Academy of Arts in Easton, Maryland, a former educator at The Country School, Easton, Maryland, former educator, Lake Washington School District, Redmond, Washington and a current member of the Certified Interior Decorators, Inc.,C.I.D. and a former UAL employee. Jann has also recently been a set director for a locally produced television show.

Jann has owned two home furnishing and decorating businesses in Florida. Her previous business was LaToile Maison, located near Tampa where she and her husband of 47years reside today. Jann has been organizing her tours since 2004.

Jann has taught, judged, consulted and continues to attend cooking events and demonstrations in the US and Europe.

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Jann is also known as the Traveling Food Lady. Check out her blog: www.travelingfoodlady.blogspot.com

"I knew from an early age I wanted to travel and experience the world! My first trip to Paris, I was thirteen~it was here the travel bug hit me! My travels have lead me to China, India, South America, Central America, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific Islands, Mongolia, Morocco, South Africa and most of Europe. If I have learned anything from my traveling experiences, it's that people all over the world share similar thoughts concerning food and drink~ it has a way of bringing us together, either at a table, restaurant or city food market. These small experiences continue to expand my mind and have enhanced my life beyond words. During our tours we eat with the local folks, cook in their kitchens, pick their olives and sometimes chase a chicken or two. We continually experience things firsthand!"

What our customers are saying

Ene C. "I have thought often of you and all the time and effort that you put in to our glorious trip...you did it with such love and attention to details and I am so grateful! Thank you ! You have spoiled me, you know. I am totally ruined now. I can never travel with a large tour group again!"

Carrie S. "The best trip I have ever had!"

Holly W. "Your trip changed my life"

Dolly F." Outstanding details and places we never dreamed of seeing, you knew where to take us off the beaten paths"

Karen D. "Jann has done her homework! She has explored the markets, stayed in the villages, tasted the wines and cheese of the areas she takes us to and she completely immersed us in the Italian culture"

Jeanne M."I had the trip of a lifetime! Your tours are well thought out, interesting, fun and a real education. I will carry the memories of my Italy tour from now on."

Susan W."It was an amazing and awe-inspiring trip"

Jason M. "What a marvelous trip / life experience you put together for my lady and her friends!"

Debbie R. - "The trip of a life time"

Barbara F.  "I never have laughed so hard in my life nor expected to make such wonderful new friends"

Jeanne M.- "​( return guest) "This trip exceeded our wildest expectations. I am at a loss for words to thank you!"

Sharol R. "Thank you for a perfect vacation.You are a true professional and I so appreciated your hard work in making the trip run so smoothly."

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